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Nutrition Challenge

$49 per classFrom $34 per visit with Endless Summer Package passPurchase required to enroll

Nutrition is the foundation of health and fitness. Regardless of your goals, how you fuel your body is a major contributory factor in achieving them. But where should you start? Understanding and developing consistent quality food choices and eating behaviors are the first steps.

Nutrition Challenge Goals: The goal of this challenge is to 1) learn the fundamentals of developing a healthy, sustainable relationship with food and 2) apply these principles on a regular basis in order to optimize your body composition and energy levels.

Cost: The cost for the challenge will be $49 per participant. You can join by registering on Solace’s Front Desk system HERE. Prizes will be awarded to the top female and male participant in the challenge.

Challenge Structure: Over the course of 8 weeks, you will track eating habits and lifestyle factors that promote healthy living. You will accrue points for daily and weekly activities. Points can only be gained in this challenge. There will be no negative points or loss of points in this challenge; you simply won’t be rewarded for non-beneficial activities. The aim of this challenge is to promote a positive mindset, which is key for long-term success.